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Food Group Riddles : These riddles can be incorporated into lesson plans pertaining to food groups and nutrition. Optical Illusions : Page full of optical illusions and activities for students to practice. Illusions Gallery : Learn about the benefits of completing optical illusions and search the visual illusions gallery.

Fun Illusions Page : This web page has several still optical illusions pictures that appear to be rotating or moving.


Exploratorium Optical Illusions : Online optical illusion gallery with popular optical illusions for students to explore. Other Educational Fun Games and Puzzles : This educational page has science games, element games, math games, and other fun games and puzzles for students.

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Printable Games and Puzzles : Kids of all ages can enjoy these word games, memory games, mazes, matching games, puzzles, and quizzes. Geography Games and Problem Solving : Large selection of interactive games, including math, alphabet, vocabulary, and memory subjects. Popular Printable Games and Puzzles : Here you will find traditional middle school games, such as states crossword puzzles and a human body word search. One has longer brainteasers that are more difficult. The other has normal brainteasers for adults.

Try out selection to relax and have fun.


Although these brainteasers are not as hard the previous ones, they still present a challenge. These brainteasers prepare you for our last group, where answers are not provided immediately! Now that you have read our collection, here are some good brainteasers without their answers for you to try. For additional fun, try making up a few brainteasers of your own. Think of unusual relationships and situations, and then pose them to your family and friends. Brainteasers never get old! Puzzle on!

Last Updated on Apr 12, Tags: Brain Teasers , Puzzle. Great information! I work with prisoners in the substance abuse program. We have to have brain teasers and Ice breakers daily sometimes a few times a day to keep the group focused.

18 Tricky Riddles That'll Stretch Your Brain

This was great information!! No matter what , why or how much desperate i might get! I come here and somehow these brain teasers always cheer me up. These are the best riddles i have found in a while. I would love to see more if you can. Like these, but the one with the 3 light bulbs is no longer valid.

Show answer. In Washington, D. You light the match first! The baby, because he is a little bigger. After that, he is running out of the woods. They all do. S, O, N. The sequence is first letter of the months of the year. September, October, and November are the next in the sequence.

It was still the highest in the world. It just had not been discovered yet! Both weigh a pound! A sponge. Because he cannot reach the buttons higher than five. Well, the score before any football game is always zero to zero!

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Whatever color your hair is! Remember, you are the bus driver! Stop imagining!

Hot is faster, because you can catch a cold. A secret. Your breath! Corn on the cob. Answer: I got out on the second floor! Answer: Because he was wearing his uniform! Answer: A book. For the impossible envelope puzzle the rules are simple but the solution is not. You must draw an envelope without lifting your pen from the paper, crossing any of your own lines or tracing over another line.

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To learn the answer, click the link in our bio! Good luck! Here's a tricky Friday brain teaser to get those cogs whirring In case you were starting to feel confident, this one was meant for third graders in Vietnam. The answer is 66, but we're still scratching our heads about how they got there.

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Facebook users were stumped by this one, guessing there are anywhere between 10 and 21 threes. Some are taking the question literally, saying the one in the question is the only three. Here are all of the 3s this group could find. Think you know the answer? Check how you did by signing up for our newsletter at www. This one comes from an Australian company that makes drinks they claim will help you focus.

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Did you get the answer to their logic puzzle?