Aces Against Japan: The American Aces Speak

Aces Against Japan II (The American Aces Speak, Vol. 3)
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We would appreciate it if the same pilots returned here once again, each wearing a green muffler around his neck. Still, the Tainan Ku. Nishizawa added another P to his score on May Nishizawa reached the Mitchells first, and in moments his cannon shells sent the lead plane, flown by Captain Herman F.

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Lowery, crashing in flames just beyond the Japanese airstrip. In the running fight that ensued between Lae and Salamaua, Ota got the second B in the formation, Sakai got two and Sasai another, leaving only one riddled survivor to return to Port Moresby. The Zeros attacked from below and a low-level dogfight ensued, during which Sakai shot down one Airacobra and drove another down to crash in a mountain pass. Coincidentally, Nishizawa and Ota also claimed Airacobras under identical circumstances, each one driving his victim down to crash and then pulling up at the last possible second.

Aces Against Japan: The American Aces Speak

Nishizawa added another P to his personal tally on June 1, followed by two more on June On June 25, he personally downed a P and shared in the destruction of a second with two other pilots. Another P fell to his guns on July 4. Despite such dazzling successes, the Japanese did not have things entirely their way.

Twenty-three Zeros intercepted a flight of Bs over Lae on June 9. Jones, who later brought his score up to five while flying a Lockheed PF Lightning. Even the redoubtable Nishizawa met his match on July 11; his Zero was shot up in an unsuccessful attempt to bring down a B, but he did down a P on the same day. Similarly, a Lockheed A Hudson proved too fast and tough for him to bring down on July When five more Bs came to bomb Lae on August 2, the Japanese tried out a new tactic—attacking head-on.

Ota, Sasai and Sakai, also accounted for Bs. Three Ps tried to intervene, only to be outmaneuvered and shot down by Nishizawa, Ota and Sakai. Upon landing, Nishizawa ignored the cheers of his ground crewmen. The Tainan Ku. On August 7, word arrived that U. Marines had landed on the island of Guadalcanal, more than miles away at the lower end of the Solomon Islands chain, at that morning. Without delay, Lt.

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Navy task force supporting the invasion. Nishizawa was credited with six F4Fs in this first air battle between land-based Zeros and American carrier fighters. One of his victims was probably Lieutenant Herbert S. Pete Brown reported that his opponent came alongside him, and after the two adversaries had looked each other over, the Japanese pilot grinned and waved. Brown managed to make it back to his carrier, Saratoga. Daly, who was shot down in flames and badly burned but parachuted to safety just off Guadalcanal, and Lt.

William M. Holt, who was killed. Southerland II, who was wounded but bailed out and survived. Elliott and wounding the pilot, Lieutenant Dudley H. Adams, who was subsequently rescued by the destroyer Dewey. The fight broke up and the Zeros re-formed for the return leg of their long mission.

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Nishizawa noticed that Sakai was missing and went into another of his mad rages. Peeling off on his own, he searched the area, both for signs of Sakai and for more Americans to fight, presumably even if he had to ram them. Eventually, he cooled off and returned to Lakunai. Nishizawa personally drove him, as quickly but as gently as possible, to the surgeon. Evacuated to Japan on August 12, Sakai lost an eye, but returned to combat in and brought his final score up to 64—the fourth-ranking Japanese ace.

Actual American losses came to nine Wildcats and a Dauntless. Four F4F pilots Holt, Lt. Charles A. Tabberer and Ensign Robert L.

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Heaven Belonged to God. The Sky Belonged to America's Aces. From the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, , to the last dogfight over Kyushu on July 2, , America's fighter aces blasted their. In yet another superb, originally conceived offering, noted military historian, Eric Hammel brings us first-person accounts from thirty-nine of the American fighter.

American claims were more modest—seven bombers, plus five probables, and two Zeros. The Japanese actually suffered the loss of four G4Ms and another six returning to base so damaged as to be written off, along with the loss of two Tainan Ku. Gordon E. Sakai and Yoshida were just the first of many Japanese aces whose careers would be cut short in the course of a six-month struggle with the U. Junichi Sasai, whose official score then stood at 27, was killed by Captain Marion E.

Nishizawa survived and adapted to the improving American aircraft and tactics. On October 5, he and eight other pilots downed a B attacking Rabaul, and on the 8th he and eight comrades accounted for a torpedo bomber over Buka. During an encounter over Guadalcanal between 16 Tainan Ku.

Arthur N. Nehf to ditch his Wildcat in Lunga Channel. Nishizawa was credited with one of five F4Fs claimed by the Tainan Ku. Nishizawa claimed another F4F on the 17th, along with a torpedo bomber shared with another pilot. Toshio Ota mortally wounded Marine gunner Henry B. Hamilton of VMF on October 21, for his 34th victory, but was himself shot down and killed moments later by 1st Lt.

Frank C. On October 25, the career of another Tainan Ku.

Members of an exclusive club tell what it takes to make ace.

Add to Basket. Adolph 'Sailor' Malan. Eduard Isken. A U-boat ace. Thunder At Dawn. Write a review. Clement M.

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Japanese Ace Interviews: Sakai Saburo (2)

If you require assistance with your order, please contact the eSales team directly — email esales awm. Aces against Germany Aces against Japan. Publisher Presidio, Note Vol. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Mustang Ace. Robert J.

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